David Steer

The PUM Band was really my introduction to what a live ‘concert band’ looked and sounded like, and from the first concert, they had me captivated. A fantastic sound from a talented, charismatic and engaging band that impress with every piece! A great bunch of personable individuals who demonstrate utmost professionalism in performance whilst making the audience feel like they are themselves part of the performance! An alien concept that a cynic like ‘past Dave’ wouldn’t have entertained but by mixing with the band before, during (CAKE BREAK!), and after the gig, you know they are playing for your enjoyment, and they love it. A sociable and friendly atmosphere is this bands accompaniment and it tops off what always is a gleaming evening of entertaining and inspiring music.

Worth of mention is the Bands Musical Director Graham who never fails to select brilliant music for the concerts . He nails down a mixture of old favourites and diverse and interesting numbers from around the world, always preceded by a brief history of it’s origin, another bonus!, expanding your musical education, and all included in the cost of putting a few pounds into the pocket of a worthwhile charity!

Keep up the good work guys and will be seeing you very soon!