Surrey Police Band primarily supports the Chief Constable’s charity, which is nominated each year by members of Surrey Police. The Band’s yearly concert series at Normandy Village Hall in Guildford, along with other performances, help to fundraise for these charities and assist in spreading awareness of the work they do.

Woking Mind – charity for 2021/2022

Every year, 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem. Most of us will know someone who is struggling or you may have challenges of your own. The reality of poor mental health is that it can happen to all kinds of people, from any walk of life and background. It can affect all areas of a person’s life from their social iterations to financial situation. And it doesn’t just affect the lives of those struggling, but also the people around them. However, when there is the right combination of clinical, social and emotional support, people can and do start to experience positive changes in their mental health.

Woking Mind has been supporting adults with mental health issues in Surrey for over 40 years. They provide a programme of peer support groups, creative and physical activities, one to one support, drop-in advice, signposting and mental heath awareness training.

Surrey Police Band is delighted to be able to support this local charity as we take back to the stage during 2021 following the Covid19 pandemic. Read more about Woking Mind now.

SERV Surrey and South London Blood Runners – charity for 2018/2019

ServSSL is a volunteer after-hours blood-bike/runner service, which is used by all hospitals in Surrey and South London. Hospitals do not keep a large supply of blood and other required fluids/equipment at the hospital due to budgetary constraints. Instead, they are stored at the blood bank at St Georges inTooting, and hospitals can order on demand. However, the NHS Blood Service charges the hospitals to transport the fluid to them, and there is usually only one NHSBT vehicle overnight.

This usually means any orders would then be transferred by courier, who generally charge additional fees for the specialist transfer, or it will end up transferred for free by Serv and its counterparts in surrounding areas.

The charity has a few vehicles of its own and does a great deal of other work in the way of collecting milk for premature babies during the day and throughout the night, and they restock the Air Ambulance on a daily basis.

You can read more about the vital work that ServSSL do by clicking here.

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