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  1. Emmanuel Church Concert Feedback

    “Wow! Such a delightful fun evening last Saturday. The band was excellent and the programme perfect for ‘chasing away the winter blues’! We’ll look forward to the next one.”

    “Thank you so much for such an enjoyable evening! We were so glad we came – the enthusiasm and musicality of the band and the excellent interval refreshments were a treat. Many congratulations to you and all who organised and performed.”

    “Once again a BIG “thank you” for a lovely evening . It was a great success and the band was brilliant. I think a special mention should be made to the clarinet soloist who played magnificently. Emmanuel Church as a venue was superb. It was so large and modern and also warm and comfortable which so many churches aren’t. It was a great success. When is the next one?!!”

    “It was not an event that we would normally have given much thought to.
    However, with persuasion from Sheila, we had a thoroughly entertaining evening and enjoyed ourselves.”

    “The Band was brilliant, first class entertainment. Congratulations on a fabulous evening you and your team should be so proud of yourselves.”

    “That Band was excellent and so were the cakes! My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.”

    “Did we enjoy ourselves? Yes we jolly well did!! We clapped and sang along with this wonderful band. What excellent musicians. Big congratulations too for the musical director that had put together such a variety of pieces to entertain us. Thank you so much all of you for a truly lovely memorable evening.”

    “The atmosphere in the church for the concert was incredible. My friends and I were so happy with our feet tapping and fingers snapping. Lovely reflective moments too. To be shown to our seats by impeccably dressed men in evening dress suits complete with bow ties, who were so caring was an added treat for us. Thank you Band, thank you organisers, thank you Emmanuel Church for allowing this winter treat to take place, and thank you to the amazing cake bakers!”

  2. Tony Suter

    Another brilliant performance from this enthusiastic and vibrant group of top class musicians. Good music, humour, mulled wine (or tea and coffee), excellent home-made cakes and I won a raffle prize – what more could one want! As ever, thank you for your hard work to entertain us all.
    Tony S

  3. David Reaney

    Many thanks for a fabulous concert on Saturday. The programme was a lovely seasonal collection and Grahams introduction of each piece was really interesting. Additional thanks to the cake bakers for the welcome refreshments. This was the first of your concerts that we have attended – it will not be the last.

  4. Carolyn Derry

    Yet another amazing concert last night from this fantastic band. Thank you all so much. I think it was the best concert to date. Please keep them coming!

  5. Arnie Lewis

    The Band just gets better with every performance, and this is reflected on the numbers attending. It was a wonderful evening and a first class performance, which was appreciated by all and worthy of the applause and encore. Thank you all very much for the hard work you put in, to make it an enjoyable and entertaining evening for us.

  6. Chris

    Call me old fashioned but we went to see the Surrey Police Band (woodwind and brass) playing their version of the proms. Bloody marvellous and I can thoroughly recommend their Christmas concert. Well done again for the cakes – scrumptious ?

  7. Fairlands Festival Feedback

    “Everyone had a real blast – so as to speak – from the Surrey Police Band, and left us residents going home tip top and happy”

    “We loved the police band, thoroughly enjoyed that. What a rousing performance. Rule Britannia !!!”

    “Well done! I am (almost) glad my cricket was cancelled. A fantastic afternoon, wonderful atmosphere , with a first class band”

    “Thank you for a very memorable afternoon full of fun, despite the weather ! To echo ( is that the right phrase ) Shakespeare, Henry V, “gentlemen in England now abed, shall think themselves accursed they were not here “. They missed a real treat with the Surrey Police Band”

    “The Surrey Police Band did a marvellous job on the stage. Our family loved their final set which finished the day off splendidly and was accompanied by lots of flag waving and singing to “Rule Britannia” “Jerusalem” and “Land of Hope and Glory” – I’m sure much better than Last night at the Proms.”

    “My dear old mum was so tearful with pride waving her union jack. Please bless the Surrey Police Band for making her day”

    “An awesome experience with the flag waving finish given by the Surrey Police Band. We enjoyed the first grouping of tunes and appreciated the variety of music, but wow wouldn’t have wanted to miss the ending. Please pass on my thanks for bringing alive our community.”

  8. Bryony

    Fantastic concert we come whenever we can. Suitable for all ages and a very enjoyable evening out- very talented musicians!

  9. Sheila Willis

    We had a really lovely time at the concert. The band goes from strength to strength. I think my absolute absolute favourite was the music from Mary Poppins. But we thoroughly enjoyed it and how your colleague makes all those cakes is wonderful!

  10. Val

    oh how we so enjoyed the Surrey Police Band concert on Sunday. Our visitors from Ontario were very impressed too. We’ll be back at Christmas!

  11. Carolyn Derry

    Absolutely fantastic concert last night. The church was packed and everyone was full of the Christmas spirit. Wonderful choice of music and fabulous cakes as always! Thank you once again and we will now look forward to the next concert.

  12. Tony S

    Bravo Surrey Police Band! Superb performance for the ‘Last Night of the Proms’ event on Sunday you get better and better all the time. Also good to see your efforts so well supported with a nearly ‘sell out’ audience. Good music, brilliant cakes in the interval – what more could we want!. Thank you. Look forward to more.

  13. Bob Crampton

    My better half and I were sitting behind Arthur Martin and his enjoyment and that of his friends in the Camberley contingent was obvious and infectious. A wonderful evening of entertainment and a joy to see so many old friends.

  14. Arthur Martin

    Hey! The Surrey Police Band [formerly Police Unity Memorial Band] has always provided wonderful musical entertainment but on the night of your Proms Concert [4th Oct 2015] every box must have been ticked because the show was excellent in all respects, particularly the young lady who played a saxophone solo.
    However I must say “Very well done” to the whole band and not forgetting a special ‘Thank you’ to Sue who finds the time to both cook such delicious cakes and perform in the band.
    I’m of the opinion that this was your best concert yet [and that includes your debut at Sussex-by-the-Sea, which I also enjoyed] so looking forward to Christmas [20th December – St Barbara’s Church Deepcut ] and hoping to re-schedule my calendar to be at Lakeside, Frimley Green. [ Fri 6th Nov.]

  15. Sophia M

    SPB’s concert, ‘Tales from the British Isles’, is a vibrant mixture of sounds, played by a magnificently talented group of musicians. The collection of music is extremely uplifting and showcased the collection of different sounds beautifully. The band are extremely friendly and welcoming! I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the delicious refreshments. Surrey Police Band, you’re absolutely sensational!

  16. Francine Ashfield

    Your Spring concert ‘Tales from the British Isles’ was the first concert I have ever attended, and my gosh it completely blew me away! The choice and programme of music was fantastic and intriguing, and such passion and musicality in each of the pieces. A great contrast of music which created a wonderful and very moving evening. Thank you Surrey Police Band – I can’t wait for the next one.

  17. Denis Gunn

    Yesterday I attended (and thoroughly enjoyed) the Surrey Police Band’s Christmas Concert where I was presented with a cheque for ‘Care of Police Survivors’ (COPS) for £1,677.91.

    I personally want to thank all members of this incredible band, their musical director, Graham Atterbury, and their Assistant Musical Director, Jody Haycocks, not only for their very generous donation but also for their continued support of COPS.

    Thank you all very much.

    Denis Gunn
    National President, Care of Police Survivors.

  18. Tony S

    Congratulations!! Another fantastic performance commemorating The Great War. Rafter rattling presentation of ‘Mars’ – brilliant! Looking forward to the next one.

  19. Emily and Jeffrey

    Police Band – fabulous, fabulous Police Band! We have just been thinking how much we could do with an evening listening to PUMB to give us a boost after our ever so wet and miserable winter. I have just seen you have a concert coming up on 27th April to commemorate the 100 year outbreak of World War One. How wonderful, and the date is in our diary! An evening with PUMB is always one we thoroughly enjoy and remember fondly.

  20. Phil Waters

    Thank you for a really enjoyable evening at Deepcut last night. You get better and better each year. I had a really good time, and for me Christmas starts with the PUMB Christmas Concert.

  21. Simon

    Great concert on Sunday evening. An inspired choice of music, really diverse and uplifting. I particularly enjoyed the Rossini which was an excellent piece to show off both the individual and collective talent in the band. Congratulations also to the soloists who performed beautifully. Best concert I’ve seen from the band, well done!! PS Couldn’t eat the cake because I’m trying to diet but from the hum of approval at the interval I’m guessing they were ace too.

  22. Carolyn

    We have attended many of PUMB’s concerts and they are always wonderful, but last night’s concert was by far the best Proms Concert we have seen to date! We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening – very uplifting. As always, the cakes were amazing! Thank you to all the talented musicians, the committee and to Sue. We are looking forward to the next event.

  23. Sheila Willis

    Fairlands is off the A323 Aldershot Road Worplesdon just outside of Guildford. PUMB came to play at the Fairlands Festival of Fun on Sept 21st 2013. The day was advertised as being fun for everyone and with the band there it certainly was for everyone. Such a wonderful variety of music played with enthusiasm and cheerfulness. A real joy to sit, listen and as the main organiser, to be able to watch other people relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere of this wonderful, dedicated band. Thank you so much for attending our day.

  24. Alex Chislett

    PUMB is an amazing band! They are incredibly dedicated to their performance, and produce evenings of uplifting entertainment, beautiful musicality and huge fun! But over and above that, they are totally dedicated to their causes, giving all the proceeds to named charities. They practise and perform because they love their music, they give of their time freely, and then they donate on top of that! That is a winning combination! And then even on top of the icing on the cake, they are absolutely brilliant! Their concerts are a fabulous experience – a real mix of well known numbers, soul touching numbers and pure fun numbers. Easy listening, harmonious sounds and a relaxing evening! Not to mention delicious cakes in the interval! Thank you PUMB for many wonderful evenings! And to anyone reading this – enjoy an evening in Deepcut and share the great experience!

  25. Gemma Holsgrove

    Great band, with a wide variety of music – something for every age to enjoy! Keep up the good work everyone, such a great group of people raising money for some really worth while causes.

  26. Wendy Evans

    WOW I have attended 2 concerts and must say I was extremely impressed on both occasions. They all play so well together and produce truly wonderful music. They give up their free time to practice which is reflected in their music, you guys & girls rock!!! All their concerts are for charity fund raising and I will carry on supporting them for many years to come. I am really looking forward to the Christmas Concert they make Christmas feel really special. They sell amazing cakes (I wont be eating before I go more room for cake), hot & cold drinks and a raffle with great prizes. If you have not seen them yet you must you wont be disappointed. A BIG well done PUMB the Eastbourne concert was fab, as was the weather. See you at Christmas.

  27. David Steer

    The PUM Band was really my introduction to what a live ‘concert band’ looked and sounded like, and from the first concert, they had me captivated. A fantastic sound from a talented, charismatic and engaging band that impress with every piece! A great bunch of personable individuals who demonstrate utmost professionalism in performance whilst making the audience feel like they are themselves part of the performance! An alien concept that a cynic like ‘past Dave’ wouldn’t have entertained but by mixing with the band before, during (CAKE BREAK!), and after the gig, you know they are playing for your enjoyment, and they love it. A sociable and friendly atmosphere is this bands accompaniment and it tops off what always is a gleaming evening of entertaining and inspiring music.

    Worth of mention is the Bands Musical Director Graham who never fails to select brilliant music for the concerts . He nails down a mixture of old favourites and diverse and interesting numbers from around the world, always preceded by a brief history of it’s origin, another bonus!, expanding your musical education, and all included in the cost of putting a few pounds into the pocket of a worthwhile charity!

    Keep up the good work guys and will be seeing you very soon!

  28. Emma Richards

    I have been following the band for over a year now and I absolutely love them. They are fresh, they all play to a high standard and every concert I have attended has been excellent. They draw in big crowds so book up fast. They are amazing people giving up their spare time to practice and play for charity, each and every one of them is a pillar of the community. When the band plays at the church in Deepcut there is always lovely cakes and drinks for a small donation, or large if you fancy 🙂
    I went to Eastbourne and I have to say it was a lovely venue, complimented the band perfectly. Great job PUMB! Look forward to seeing you at Christmas, my favourite concert of the year!

  29. Jane Smith

    I have been following the Police Unity Memorial Band for several years now and they NEVER fail to impress me. What a delightful group, whose talent and musicianship goes miles beyond expectation. The band make an absolutely beautiful and impressive sound. If you haven’t seen these guys perform yet, you are missing out! I can’t recommend them enough. And how incredible to support local charities and raise so much money for them. Thank you PUMB for many an enjoyable afternoon and evening – I am looking forward to lots more!

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