The Queen at 90!

The band were absolutely delighted to play at the recent Birthday Picnic held at the Fairlands Community Centre in celebration of the Queen’s 90th Birthday. We had so much wonderful feedback, that we will leave this, along with the photos, to tell the story of the day! With thanks to everyone who came to support us at this wonderful celebration.

image1 (6)“Everyone had a real blast – so as to speak – from the Surrey Police Band, and left us residents going home tip top and happy”

“We loved the police band, thoroughly enjoyed that. What a rousing performance. Rule Britannia !!!”

“Well done! I am (almost) glad my cricket was cancelled. A fantastic afternoon, wonderful atmosphere , with a first class band”

“Thank you for a very memorable afternoon full of fun, despite the weather ! To echo ( is that the right phrase ) Shakespeare, Henry V, “gentlemen in England now abed, shall think themselves accursed they were not here “. They missed a real treat with the Surrey Police Band”image1 (7)

“The Surrey Police Band did a marvellous job on the stage. Our family loved their final set which finished the day off splendidly and was accompanied by lots of flag waving and singing to “Rule Britannia” “Jerusalem” and “Land of Hope and Glory” – I’m sure much better than Last night at the Proms.”

“My dear old mum was so tearful with pride waving her union jack. Please bless the Surrey Police Band for making her day”

“An awesome experience with the flag waving finish given by the Surrey Police Band. We enjoyed the first grouping of tunes and appreciated the variety of music, but wow wouldn’t have wanted to miss the ending. Please pass on my thanks for bringing alive our community.”