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Brilliant concert tonight ! Great music, great talent, and thanks for making sure we in the audience enjoyed it. 😁😁😁

Mike Ayre, December 2019

What a wonderful afternoon. What a great band, roll on the next performance!

Margaret Underhill, December 2019

Wow – you were all so good! I had such a lovely afternoon at the Christmas Concert matinee performance. So much talent in one band! Thank you x

Lucy Collins, December 2019

Congratulations on another excellent performance on Saturday evening. You just get better every time. It is no wonder the performances are sell outs. The word of your fame has obviously spread! Well done for all the hard work and effort you all put in to making it a thoroughly enjoyable evening and raising funds for the chosen charity. Excellent.

Arnie Lewis, October 2019

Another excellent evening at the band concert, the musicians playing is brilliant and the young lady who played the oboe was superb, wish I could play an instrument like it. Good luck to you all and well done for all the money you raise.

Amelia Tilbury, September 2019

What a fantastic night. I thought the best ever by the band. Can’t wait for the next one.

Phil Waters, September 2019

What a fabulous concert last evening. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole programme – absolutely brilliant.  Thank you all so very much – will see you at Lakeside.

Chris Martin, September 2019

Thank you Graham – you and the band are a delight to watch and listen to. I especially enjoyed Let Erin Remember – An Irish Fantasia; what an amazing piece.

Thanks again for a feast of good music.

Jill Carrigan, June 2019

Thanks so much it was a wonderful concert, absolutely fantastic!

Alex Sanderson, June 2019

Angela and I had a great time (we always do) so today I have purchased my tickets for the Proms and Christmas. Our thanks to the Band; you get better and better each time I hear you. It is so nice to hear the music and feel in some small way part of it. Thank you all very much.

Phil Waters, June 2019